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Santiago Ruberto

We are working to make Sirvana the way to find all the products in the world in one place. All products sold on the internet will be on Sirvana.

We have already launched our first version on a smaller scale. We have grouped all the urban clothing brands in Argentina and their products on our website. We have both recurring and new users every day.

There are many streetwear brands and it is very difficult for people to know them all. Every time they want to buy from different websites, they have to open many tabs on Google or go to Instagram and search for each profile. We solve that problem by bringing all these brands and their products together in one place.

But this is only our MVP. We are working to bring Sirvana to all products to solve this problem on a larger scale. Remember, here in Argentina there is no Amazon, there is Mercado Libre, but it is smaller in terms of stock.

What we are going to do is create a place where you can find all products, no matter who sells it or how "rare" the product is. We connect to stores and show their products on our website, which allows us to scale quickly and have all products, now in the niche of urban clothing, but in the future we will be able to have all products of any kind on our website.

We can scale to the rest of the countries because we don't need physical infrastructure, just software.

Imagine how useful Sirvana would have been when the PlayStation 5 came out. The whole world was searching all over the internet for pages that sold it.

We also have a B2B model. Imagine how useful Sirvana would be for a company that buys machines, tools, products from different suppliers, etc.

We know it's difficult, but we will scale Sirvana globally, faster with the help of YC. It could be the next Google but for products.

If it works, it will be a global product, and we will make it work.


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